TSS ALUM Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy in ‘Jackie’

Peter Sarsgaard goes for the essence — not an impersonation — of Bobby Kennedy in the biopic Jackie

by Bob Thompson- National Post

Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy, and Portman as Jackie.

Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy and Natalie Portman as Jackie.

Peter Sarsgaard is pleased to report that he’s been mixing it up.

Last year, Sarsgaard played a hyper drug addict in the crime thriller Black Mass. This fall he defined the murderous bad guy in the remake of The Magnificent Seven western. Yet nothing compares to his Bobby Kennedy performance in the biopic Jackie directed by Pablo Larrain.

The movie is a snapshot of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Natalie Portman) before and after the 1963 assassination of husband and U. S. President John. F. Kennedy. It is Sarsgaard’s Bobby who continues his role of family fixer as the grieving Jackie tries to cope with a devastating aftermath. Ironically, a pivotal time in American history recalled by Jackie was mostly shot on soundstages in a Paris suburb.

Sarsgaard, 35, offers his thoughts.