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Terry Schreiber and Peter Jensen discuss upcoming productionsnBalm in Gilead, The Changing Room and You Never Can Tellnwith’s Martin Denton



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nnnWith fall quickly approaching, it is time to turn our attention to the upcoming seasons at various indie theater companies. With this in mind, moderator Martin Denton sits down for a chat with Terry Schreiber and Peter Jensen of T. Schreiber Studio to see what’s in the works. Terry and Martin begin by discussing the studio and some of their past productions. Terry tells us the season will begin with Lanford Wilson’s Balm In Gilead which Peter will direct. Next up will be a play Terry has been trying to get the rights to for several years, The Changing Room by David Storey, and Terry will direct. The season will end with the less familiar but extremely charming play by G.B. Shaw, You Never Can Tell.nnPeter shares some fascinating background about Lanford Wilson’s play including anecdotes about the actual writing of the play. It’s a large cast play and Peter talks also about how he will be working to be as faithful to the author as possible. Terry talks about his thoughts for directing The Changing Room which centers around a team of rugby players. He has some interesting ideas about how to make this somewhat unfamiliar sport commonplace to his cast (they will take to the playground for some simple practice). Terry talks a bit about the Shaw piece saying that one of the reasons it was chosen is its lack of Shaw’s more usual political themes.nnThere’s a surprise guest near the close of the episode. Publicist Lanie Zipoy takes the mic to explain some special deals for season subscribers — especially worthwhile for the under 30 crowd.nn(podcast summary courtesy of