Check Out Balm’s Raves

Balm in Gilead has received a couple RAVE reviews…here’s a little taste of the action:

“In an almost unfairly short two hours, we are suddenly absorbed into the life of a dingy all-night diner in 1965, trafficked by the thirty vulnerable “lost souls” of local renegades, prostitutes (both male and female), drug dealers, hustlers, and junkies.”- Dena Kopolovich

“…we are given an entire cast of strong and very distinct characters, all played with eloquence…” – Dena Kopolovich

“T. Schreiber Studio’s production of Lanford Wilson’s Balm in Gilead is superlative in every way. There’s not a richer or more rewarding work of theatre anywhere in town right now…” – Martin Denton

“Major kudos to Terry Schreiber and his staff for keeping the lights burning not just on the obvious classics by Shakespeare and Chekhov but the contemporary ones that we just don’t see enough of.” – Martin Denton

“The company he’s [Director, Peter Jensen] assembled is without peer on any stage in NYC right now; these 29 actors inhabit their roles viscerally.” – Martin Denton