Lobby Hero of the Week

We at T. Schreiber are so very excited for our FIRST show of the 2011-2012 Season, Lobby Hero by Kenneth Lonergan. In preparation for the play Time Out New York hailed “a masterpiece,” we will be giving weekly shout-outs to our Lobby Heroes who allow us to do what we do and who make our lives that much easier. We got a little behind in our Lobby Hero of the week…so…

Our fourth Lobby Hero of the week is Noelle and Stephen Wilson! Our fifth Lobby Hero of the week is Matt Brogan!

Noelle and Stephen are the kind of people who also have a helping hand to give. They are the first people to arrive and the last people to leave and they always have a smile on their face. TSS producing director Barb Kielhofer said of the couple, “they are the kind of people who make my job easy just by being who they are. They are a massive asset to the studio and two of the best people I know.” Stephen and Noelle are also brilliant performers as well as being all around amazing humans. To find out more about them check out Noelle’s website and Stephen’s website.

Matt Brogan is the set designer for Lobby Hero. He also has previously designed sets for Balm in Gilead, Joking Apart and Fifth of July here at TSS. Matt was nominated for a 2011 NYIT Award for his Balm set and was named a person of the year in 2010 by NYTheatre.com. In addition to being a supremely talented designer Matt is also supremely dedicated. He has been putting in numerous hours to make sure everything looks perfect and that is why his sets are always a cut above. TSS producing director Barb Kielhofer said of Matt, “Brogan is my saving grace. His sets always look impeccable and interesting. And he is a joy to work with on top of that!” For more info on Matt check out his website.