On-Going Intermediate Acting with Terry Schreiber

Study acting with the Founding Director

Under the guidance of our founding director and master teacher of fifty years, students will explore scenes with an emphasis on instinctive and personal connections as well as in-depth analysis of the text. Actors will also be assigned a series of individual exercises, increasing in difficulty, designed to awaken and cultivate each actor’s emotional and physical gifts, yielding techniques applicable to stage and film.

Terry Schreiber is an intelligent and intuitive teacher. His passion is truly inspirational and is surpassed only by his love of the craft of acting.  I highly recommend him as a teacher. MARY-LOUISE PARKER

Scene Work

  • Script analysis
  • Physical and emotional connections to character
  • Bios and backstory
  • Scenes and monologues — close-to-self to stretch


  • Individual exercises — private moment, emotional memory, animal work, and others
  • Relaxation and sensory work
  • Physical and vocal warm-ups
  • Actor blocks unlocked

This on-going class meets once a week and actors may re-enroll each month to continue developing their work.

To schedule an audition with Terry and join us at the Studio for this class, please contact our office at 212.741.0209 or at info@tschreiber.org

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Dates TBA

Dates TBA

Instructor: Terry Schreiber

Featured in Eva Mekler’s The New Generation of Acting Teachers, Terry Schreiber has been teaching and directing for over 50 years.

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