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Accent Reduction

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We love your natural accent and we know you do too. However some roles ask for non-regional American diction.  If you'd like to add this style to your acting toolkit, this class will expand the range of roles you're considered for. 

Taught by award-winning instructor Page Clements, Accent Reduction is personalized training  to help you become a more versatile actor who can confidently transition between accents based on the demands of the role.  

Accent Reduction is for you if...

Your regional accent is stopping you from booking the roles you want.   

 You are a non-native English speaker who wants to communicate more clearly
You think you've got an American accent down but people are telling you otherwise.


After this course, you will…

Have a better understanding of your personal articulation weaknesses and a strategy for handling them
Feel more comfortable when a Casting Director asks you to perform in a non regional American accent


Dates TBA

In-Studio classes require proof of full vaccination before enrolling.  Masks are encouraged but not required. We reserve the right to adjust these policies at any time. Click here to see our in-studio guidelines. Click here to see our in-studio guidelines.


Instructor: Page Clements

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Voted "Favorite Vocal Coach"
— 1st Annual Backstage Readers’ Choice Award
"For anyone in NYC area looking for a great voice class, Page Clements at T. Schreiber Studio is AMAZING. Took her Vocal Production class years ago & the gems still live with me to this day."
— Lamar R.
“Page taught me how to find my real, true voice, which I possessed in childhood but lost somewhere along the way. And her coaching isn’t just technical. The voice work has helped me become more emotionally available than I have ever been in my life.”
— Jon Orsini, published in Backstage

Page Clements served as an Associate Professor of Voice and Speech at AADA for 10 years and was one of the original members of The Metropolitan Playhouse of New York. One of Page’s fortes is creating & reducing regional and foreign dialects. Her work infuses styles of Patsy Rodenburg (with whom she studied), Kristin Linklater, and her own.