Acting Intensive

Dates TBA

The Acting Intensive integrates acting, voice and body to cultivate a free, open and instinctive actor with a complete understanding of practical techniques. This intensive concludes with a performance of scenes. LOGIN TO APPLY.

Acting Technique

Acting Technique includes exercises to ground the actor and encourage instincts, step by step approach to scene work, physical and psychological character work and study of relationship. Instructors Peter Jensen and Terry Schreiber.

Body Dynamics

Body Dynamics includes work in BioEnergetics, Feldenkrais and soft tissue release, promoting energy flow through the release of bodily tensions and strengthening the actor’s connection between emotions, thoughts and physical expression. Instructor Carol Reynolds.

Voice and Speech

Voice and Speech includes exercises to strengthen breath control and support, working to release useless tensions and develop vocal tone while simultaneously improving articulation and diminishing regional sounds. Instructor Page Clements.