Summer Acting Intensive

5-Week Summer Acting Intensive

Invest In Your Artistry this Summer

Quality Immersive Study in Half the Time

Fill in the Gaps in Your Training

Culminates in a Performance for Family and Friends

"[Acting] classes are about...exploring the creative process, and taking risks in a safe environment before leaping to the stage or screen."

Terry Schreiber

Are you an emerging performer looking for that safe environment from which to grow and eventually leap? Learn from Master Teachers in our Summer Acting Intensive from NYC-based acting studio T. Schreiber. This 5-week summer “boot camp” integrates acting, voice, and body to cultivate a free, open, and instinctive actor with a complete understanding of practical techniques. Additional classes on audition technique and self-marketing prepare actors for the real-world industry. This program meets 5 days a week and concludes with a performance for family & friends.

Dates TBA


Summer Acting Intensive is for you if you...

Are committed to your career but don’t have time for yearlong full-time study.
Know you could be competitive in the industry if you only had the tools.
Feel ready to stretch your body, voice, and emotions to become your best actor.


After this Intensive, you will…

Have the tools to get yourself into the audition room and beyond.
Know how to take audition adjustments while maintaining focus and relaxation.
Be one step closer to your acting career.


Learn from Master Teachers

Who Should Apply?

Emerging artists ages 18 and up interested in dedicated immersive study with award-winning instructors located in New York City.

How to Apply?

  • Select the LOG IN/CREATE ACCOUNT button to submit your application including your headshot & resume. You may also be required to submit a link to a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue. Applications now being accepted.

  • Questions? Call us at 212-741-0209 or send an email to so we can help.


Acting Technique

Megan Grace Martinez

Acting Technique includes exercises to ground the actor and encourage instincts, step by step approach to scene work, physical and psychological character work and study of relationship.

Voice And Speech

Page Clements

Voice and Speech includes exercises to strengthen breath control and support, working to release useless tensions and develop vocal tone while simultaneously improving articulation and finding your own unique voice.


Dana Calvey

Using Alexander Technique as a foundation to help performers develop a process toward greater clarity of their physicality, and connect themselves more deeply to their instrument.

Auditioning and Actor Branding

Tommy Buck & Jazelle Foster

Demystify the audition process & marketing for the actor. Designed to give the actor practical tools to confidently audition and maintain control over their online presence in an organic and consistent way.

Why T. Schreiber?

T. Schreiber Studio is recognized as one of the foremost professional theatre studios in New York City. With over 50 years’ experience developing actors in a supportive and collaborative environment, the Studio’s alumni include Edward Norton, Peter Sarsgaard, Julia Garner, Riann Steele & countless actors currently working in the business. Faculty of the Studio is composed of working professionals and established artists in theatre, film, and television under the direction of Terry Schreiber and Peter Jensen.

Dates TBA

“I found this course to be extremely useful! It has supplied me with tools that I have longed for many years, now. I couldn’t ask for a greater opportunity artistically than T. Schreiber."
“...the tools I gained from this program have left me feeling more confident, prepared and excited for the future of my career as an actor.”
“Each teacher brought something uniquely valuable to the program... I honestly can't choose a favorite. I think each teacher did an amazing job of making us feel supported while pushing us, and each was complimentary of the other. This was an experience that was so full of invaluable work.”