Three Ways Commercials Can Help Your Career

John Howard Swain, veteran actor, director and teacher, brings a broad range of experience from both sides of the camera to his Commercial Acting class. As an actor John has guest starred in dozens of network television shows from the legendary Hill Street Blues to the current Law & Order SVU. He also starred in a number of movies of the week and in the mini-series Family of Spies and Blind Faith. His film credits include Best Seller, Angels in the Outfield and The Tenderloin. Aside from exposure, John says there are many reasons why actors should consider pursuing commercials to support their acting career.

Commercials can help an actors career in many ways. Here are three:
Finances – one national commercial could pay your rent for three years.
Unions – 65% of the new people joining SAG-AFTRA come in on a commercial contract.
Health Care – SAG-AFTRA has one of the best health plans in the country.
The next session of Commercial Acting begins on October 2nd, 2017. Click here for more details.