Teen Acting Classes (Ages 12-16)

Acting Classes for Teens

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The biggest challenge for young actors with limited life experience is relating to the emotional lives of their characters. It can also be difficult for them to live fully in the moment during this particularly self-conscious stage of their personal development.

Our classes and workshops address these issues and help teens grow into confident actors, whether they are established or emerging artists. Work with the team that has coached hundreds of children and young adults who appear regularly on Broadway, TV, and film.


What Makes Teen Actors Stand Out?

  • Confidence and communication skills -- valuable tools in life.
  • A strong foundation of acting technique.
  • Grounded improvisation, character development, and scene work.
  • Performance instincts, openness to feedback, and teamwork.

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"DSAC has been a part of almost every successful event in my acting career. From helping me meet my manager to helping me get callbacks for theatre and film including my Broadway debut in Bonnie and Clyde. Without Denise, I would not be where I am today."


Bonnie & Clyde, Broadway
“I would have never made it to Broadway without Denise. She really knows this business, and is so easy to work with.”


Matilda, Broadway, Les Miserable 25th Nat’l Tour
Kim, Mother of Kristi
"DSAC has been a constant source of encouragement with a gentle style and hands-on approach. DSAC equipped Kristi with the acting skills necessary to successfully audition and land an amazing role on tv. Kristi is on Nickelodeon because of Denise.”

Kim, Mother of Kristi

Nickelodeon, I am Frankie