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Are you a highly motivated, passionate actor ready to commit to professional training?


T. Schreiber Studio’s Online Acting Conservatory Program is designed to prepare you for a thriving career in theatre, film, and television. The Online Acting Conservatory is a full-time acting program tailored to serve your individuality and talent while supporting your growth as a fully developed, well-rounded actor in whom body, voice, and instinct are integrated. Our Acting Conservatory is a unique opportunity to benefit from T. Schreiber’s renowned professional New York conservatory program from anywhere in the world.

Launch Your Acting Career at T. Schreiber Studio – Why T. Schreiber?

Recognized as one of the foremost professional theatre studios in New York City. T. Schreiber Studio was founded in 1969 by the venerable Terry Schreiber, director, and master teacher featured in Eva Mekler’s The New Generation of Acting Teachers. With over 50 years’ experience developing actors in a supportive and collaborative environment, the Studio’s alumni include Edward Norton, Peter Sarsgaard, and Julia Garner. Faculty of the Studio is composed of working professionals and established artists in theatre, film, and television under the direction of Terry Schreiber and Peter Jensen, the Studio’s Artistic Directors

Don’t just take our word for it.
Hear what alumni of our Conservatory have to say about committing to full-time study at T. Schreiber!

“Out of this conservatory, I got to work with a manager who now I am signed with.
And I’ve also booked some T.V. work. I wouldn’t have achieved any of this without the Studio.” – Raul Meruelo

“Most importantly, being able to go into a professional audition and know what I’m doing.
And feel confident and comfortable. And just kill it.” – Kelly Marie Kessler

“The only person you’re in competition with when you come here, is yourself.” – Andy Mac

Admission is by audition. Applicants must be 18 years old or older. (Some exceptions may apply.)

Applicants will submit the following:
One picture and resume (description of applicant’s acting experience)
Video Audition: consisting of a contemporary monologue (no more than 3 minutes) Please email a link.
Students must demonstrate sufficient competence with spoken and written English.

International Students:
This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.
Feel free to contact us for details by emailing

T. Schreiber offers a limited number of partial scholarships for select incoming students of the Conservatory. After being accepted into the Conservatory, students can request consideration for a partial scholarship, which will be awarded based upon financial need, merit, and talent. Pay Plans are available upon request.  Email Sally Dunn with questions at

The awards currently available are:
Roxi Sorina Scholarship Fund: $500-$2000
The Peter Miner Memorial Scholarship Fund: $750-$2000

Acting Conservatory Curriculum

Wait, what is an acting conservatory program?
An acting conservatory prepares actors for professional careers by training them in acting methods, technique, and industry know-how. In short, an acting conservatory lays the groundwork for your career so you can hit the ground running.

How is that different from getting a theatre degree in college?
The distinction is training versus education. A theatre degree from a 4-year college program will give you an education; an academic experience, depth of knowledge in your field or study, and a degree that you can use outside of acting. A conservatory program gives you hands-on training; the technique, skill, and industry knowledge to thrive in your acting career.

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