Beginning Acting Technique

Beginning Acting Technique Class

Start building your acting foundation

Explore the Self Under Imaginary Circumstances

Uncover a Character's Stakes & Needs

Learn to Use Exercises from Proven Techniques


There are so many acting techniques to choose from! How do you get into your character’s head? Do you need to spend time in your character’s shoes off-set like Daniel Day-Lewis? If you’re new to acting, our Beginning Acting Technique class is the perfect place to start!

The Beginning Acting Technique class gives new actors the basic tools of technique through Hagen, Strasberg, Meisner, and Guskin. Actors explore the self -- a necessary first step in preparation for building a character -- through sensory work, physical and vocal warm-ups, relaxation and concentration exercises, and improvisation. Taught by core faculty members Tommy Buck, Pamela Scott, and Megan Grace Martinez this class creates a non-competitive and nurturing environment, emphasizing moment-to-moment truthfulness with the objective to prepare the actor for scene study. This course meets once a week for 3 hours. Rehearsal time outside of class is required.

Beginning Acting Technique is for you if  you...

Want to build a strong acting foundation but don’t know where to begin.
Don’t know the significance of the question “What do I need & what’s in my way?”
Learn best in a supportive environment free from competition.


After this course, you will…

Avoid extreme choices in acting, opting for specific, subtler ones.
Know how to operate from your character’s needs.
Incorporate moment-to-moment thinking from your own life into your acting.


Upcoming Dates

Sat June 29 - Sat August 17
11:00am - 2:00pm
This class is being Co-Taught by PAMELA SCOTT and MEGAN GRACE MARTINEZ Meets IN PERSON once a week on Saturdays.
Fee: $495/8 classes (plus $75 registration fee for new students)
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Beginning Acting Technique

Instructors: Pamela Scott, Megan Grace Martinez, Tommy Buck

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pamela scott

pamela scott


Pamela Scott is very proud to be a member of the T. Schreiber School of Theatre and Film teaching faculty. She has taught and directed there since 2003. Pamela was previously a full time guest director and teacher at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for 12 years and a teacher of on camera acting classes and film genre classes at The N.Y. Conservatory for Dramatic Arts for 5 years.
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"Pam is a gifted leader. The environment she creates is incredibly nurturing, warm, and inviting."
— Don D
"I wouldn’t dream of doing an audition or film without first coaching with Pam."
— Julia Garner (Ozark, Waco, The Associate, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For)
Megan Grace Martinez

Megan Grace Martinez


An alumna of Muhlenberg College, T. Schreiber Studio, and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Megan has been acting for over 30 years. She has performed in the Philadelphia, New York, and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, and has worked as a teaching artist in Allentown and Philadelphia public schools. A SAG-AFTRA member since 2008, Megan is the Executive Producer of Pica Pica Pictures, whose short films have been honored at several film festivals.
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"Megan Grace is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with. Her knowledge of the camera technically combined with her acting technique makes her a desirable coach to learn from. She’s fun, honest, and can help get you to emotional states your character is in. She’s my go-to coach and my go-to recommendation."
— Yasharwan B.
"Megan has a really gentle, nurturing way... they’ll appreciate that a lot the more they work in this business."
— Luke M.
Tommy Buck

Tommy Buck


Tommy Buck is best known for his work on the Emmy nominated HBO series The Deuce. He's also landed major roles on Kevin Go F*Yourself, Gotham, Law & Order: SVU, Ray Donovan and the Emmy Award winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
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“I’ve been coached by the best and Tommy Buck is one of them. I worked with Tommy before booking my last two jobs: Power and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”
— Ned Van Zandt
“Tommy Buck is not only a very gifted actor, but a talented coach as well. He has an eye for simplifying the audition down to exactly what is needed to book it!”
— Helen LeRoy - Woke, The Resident, Hillbilly Elegy

I am a beginner but I’m ready for scene work.
This weekend class does not incorporate scene work. If you’re looking to start working with text, check out the Beginning Meisner Technique, which meets twice a week.

I want something more advanced!
Looking for more advanced classes? Upon completion of Beginning Technique for Actors (or equivalent), you may advance to On-Going Scene Study.

Unsure if this class is right for you?
Contact us at so we can help!


I’m a beginner to acting and I have more questions.