Private Coaching for Actors

Private Acting Coaches

The Personalized Support You Need

Prepare for an Audition

Find & Unpack any Acting Blocks

Get to the Core of the Character Faster

"I wouldn’t dream of doing an audition or film without first coaching with Pam."

Julia Garner, two time Emmy Award Winner

Need that extra touch to get you across the finish line of a new monologue or dense script? One-on-one sessions with a private acting coach offer actors an opportunity to work on material or a personal acting block that cannot be covered in a scene study class. Get individualized feedback and feel confident that you’re prepared whatever your next acting adventure.

Online Lessons

Sometimes you just need one-on-one time outside of a classroom setting. Our private acting coaches can help you crack whatever nut you’re gnawing on.

Audition Coaching

Professional actors work with a coach to prepare for auditions well beyond conservatory. Regardless of training, all actors can benefit from personalized time with award-winning instructors.

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Why Actors Need Private Coaching?

Actors can get rusty in between gigs. Private acting coaches help actors to stay fresh, relevant, and growing. They also help experienced actors to dig into new challenging roles, work on specific issues that arise on set, or even work on a new dialect. Two heads are always better than one!

Private Acting Coaching versus Acting Classes?

If you are new to acting, private coaching should go hand-in-hand with beginner classes. A little more experienced? Take advanced technique classes or scene study along with coaching. On set all the time? You’re getting in your reps so just check-in with your coach when you need it.

How Much are Private Acting Coaches?

They can cost anywhere from $30 to $300 per hour depending on their experience and location. At T. Schreiber, they cost between $70 to $190 per hour.

Where Do You Find Private Acting Coaches?

Find an established acting studio in a large acting market. They will likely have resident acting coaches or recommendations. Not located in a city with an active industry? Work with a private acting coach online.

How to Find a Good Private Acting Coach?

Research! Try a session with an acting coach. Do they “get” you? Do they seem to have a sense of where you fit into the industry? Do you feel like you could be vulnerable and learn from them? Do they have experience in your preferred part of the industry? There’s no harm in checking out their resume.